The Hive Hoodie, Square

The Hive Hoodie, Square


A hoodie capturing the essence of Georgian Bay has never been more accessible.  This sweater is ultra thick, and with the added hood is perfect for those rainy days out in the bush, the late winter treks to the cottage, or those wavy boat rides. This hoodie features a 50/50 blend of cotton and poly to meet those comfort standards of the quintessential Georgian Bay’er. With a unisex fit, this sweater is versatile enough for all cottage lovers and explorers. This sweater will not steer you wrong! 

Care Instructions: 
Wash inside out in cold water


Hoodie + Crewneck Sizing (Width x Length)
S  M  L  X  L  XXL
20"x26" 22"x27" 24"x28" 26"x29" 28"x30"

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